The Starboard Sea by Amber Dermont

Out in stores everywhere in the U.S

The Starboard Sea is a cross between A Separate Peace and Looking For Alaska during the late 80’s.  Jason is a prep-school boy that goes to Bellengton, a last resort prep school for students who have been kicked out of other prep schools.  These teenagers come from extremely wealthy New England families, so the students have a “live fast, die young” mentality.  Jason is sent to Bellengton as a result of his actions after his best friend, Cal, committed suicide.  This coming of age novel is all about forgiving and being able to move on after a traumatic situation.  The writing is lovely, and incredibly witty.  It was a refreshing YA novel, and I was happy to be reading something that wasn’t paranormal based.

Age range:  high school and up




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