Why We Broke Up by David Handler

Available everywhere in the U.S.

I listened to the audiobook version of this because A) it’s often faster than reading and B) it’s perfect for when you are driving, cleaning, cooking, etc.  The YA (young adult) novel is about the reasons why Minn Green broke up with her ex-boyfriend Ed Slaterton.  Thankfully the audiobook had a PDF for all the illustrations that are seen in the novel because they were so perfect with the tone of the novel.  I enjoyed the beginning and ending of this book, but found myself a little bored throughout the middle.  Green also annoyed me at times in the middle, but I found myself yelling out loud at the “twist” in the end.  Granted this could definitely be because I was driving and listening as opposed to reading a hard copy, so I could have definitely lost some of the tone of the novel.  The style is very similar to Thirteen Reasons Why.  I did enjoy this realistic fiction YA novel.

Age range: 15+ (some language and sexual content)



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