How to be cultured on a budget

The mecca that is the movie theatre: the iced cold air conditioning, the scent of buttery popcorn, the plushness of chairs, and the excitement of spending the next two hours engrossing yourself in the building blocks of pop culture. 


Many students rarely experience the beauty that is the local movie theatre because why spend ten dollars on a ticket when you could buy five double cheeseburgers at McDonalds? 


So how does one get the joys of going to the movies without the pains of being horribly broke?


Netflix Instant

For those who live under a rock, Netflix Instant is a streaming web site where one can watch unlimited amount of movies and television shows for eight dollars a month.  Whenever students hear “monthly charge” they run away in fear, but fear not, this is one hundred percent worth it.  Netflix also is creating its own television show series that are becoming critically acclaimed therefore increasing the overall worth of the company. Other sites such as Hulu Plus are also a great source, but I personally like the selection of Netflix. Also, if you are living with multiple roommates, everyone can split the cost.  Overall, It’s worth biting the bullet and getting.   


Student discounts

Many theatres offer student discounts when presented a student I.D.  Be sure and either call ahead or look at their web site to confirm.  Apps such as Four Square and Groupon have special offers specific to your current location.  Users can save up to forty percent off of restaurants, theatres, and other activities. 


Borrowing from friends

I know it sounds like simply information, yet students seem to forget that people (cough cough me) have an abundant movie collection.  Because everyone has different favorite movies, the combinations are endless.  Just don’t be those people that I have to hunt down because you borrowed my prized Godfather trilogy on Blu-Ray for two months. 


The gift of the $5 movie section of Target

You have not truly lived if you have not gone through the discounted movie section of Target or Walmart.  Maybe that is the movie nerd within me, but seriously it’s like a new fun game.  Many times one can get some classic gems like Bridesmaids, Annie Hall, Sandlot, and tons more which is perfect for borrowing with friends (see above “Borrowing from Friends” section)


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