Shot of the future

Imagine a world without photos, the dullness of having a world that lacks a visual element.  Photographers often get the start by shooting at a very young age.  Many photographers credit their success by the training they had when they were children.

Many students often pursue photography as a creative outlet.  Social media sites such as Instagram has become rapidly popular amongst middle and high school students because of the visual appeal.  Students often have to take classes after school or during school breaks, which often becomes extremely time consuming.

Schools across the country are slowly starting to implement photography programs in their curriculum.   According to, Stetson Middle School in Philadelphia, Penn., holds after school photography lessons.  Children in grades sixth through eighth learn the basics of photography from teacher Anthony Rocco.

Students also have an exchange program with students in Columbia.  The Stetson students take photos of their neighborhood and send them to their “photo buddies” in Columbia.  The Columbian students in return send photos of their home country.

Learning about different cultures is so important for a child to understand because it helps create a better understanding of global tolerance as well as gives insight about what other people go through everyday.

Photography is a great way to depict this because one does not need language to take a photo.  The Stetson students do not have to worry about learning Spanish to show their “photo buddies” an element about their daily life.

This use of multimedia is an excellent view of the future of global communication. We live in a society that demands for visual elements such a T.V.s, magazines, Apps, YouTube, Instagram, etc.  We are training the next generations to be more visually dependent of how we acquire and process information.

Photography is an excellent example especially of the “digital revolution” of equipment.  When middle and high schools teach their students how to maneuver photo sharing web sites such as Flickr, it adds to the potential future global communication.

It is extremely important for students and teachers to embrace the need for multimedia in curriculum because that is where the world is going as far as how people communicate with each other.

With the global increase of social media use with sites such as Skype, Facebook, and Twitter, the world wants to become more connected than what it was in previous decades.  We can train the future generations to be prepared for this change in communication by introducing them to multimedia outlets such as photography.

The earlier the exposure, the more assimilated these students will be to the future of communications.


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