Coming soon to libraries near you…

With the way that the world is evolving from the constant advances in technology, it is becomes more and more significant to be more tech-savy especially with multimedia. 

 Libraries all over the country have added technology and media workshops to their calendar of events.  Because of the positive results, more libraries continue to add these workshops to their calendars. 

 Early this month, Free Library of Philadelphia has added new opportunities for its middle and high school audience to learn how to properly use multimedia such as photography, Power Point, video, and designing websites.  There is also hands on learning for younger children so they to can learn the ways of the future. 

 The Free Library has fifty-four branches in Philadelphia and half of those branches are including these multimedia labs.  The library has added these technology services in hopes of better preparing their students for college and other forms of higher education. 

 In Chicago, YOUmedia was created for students to learn how to record and produce their own music.  These projects are student-driven and provide the opportunity for students to access the equipment needed for such projects. YOUmedia has expanded to five libraries in Chicago and one in Miami. 

 Hundreds of students have participated in these programs because they are often free for students to use at their disposal.  Many of these libraries are in urban neighborhoods so many students have the opportunity to use equipment that they might not have otherwise had the opportunity to use. 

 Students are also gaining lifelong skills that they can use in future jobs and everyday life.  Also, because they are utilizing their creative sections of their brains, it can be seen as therapeutic as well as informative. 

 At the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, workshops have been installed in hopes of students doing more hands on as opposed to a traditional classroom setting.  Having students become more hands on increases the amount of overall learning on the subject. 

Elementary and middle schools have also paired up with libraries.  Many students already use local libraries for studying, hanging out with friends, and using their available technologies especially now with a multimedia program installed. 

 Many of these libraries can create these workshops because of local grants in their area.  Such as the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation in Philadelphia, which helped fund Free Library’s after school programs. 

 These programs are extremely beneficial for those who utilize it.  They are giving many students the opportunity to operate multimedia equipment that can be seen in their future jobs.  These library programs should be implemented national if people want the future generation to be educated in how to operate multimedia.



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