Video games do not have to be so “evil”

“They will melt your brain away”, a mother says to her children as they spend all their free time after school playing video games.

Parents everywhere often nag their children about their video game usage.  Children all across the country hear these saying.  However, in schools across America, video games and apps are becoming more wildly used in their curriculum.

It isn’t necessarily playing the games themselves that is the issue, but the content of the games.  Games such as Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty aren’t necessarily the best games suited for a sixth grader.  If developers change the content, then the result will be different as well.

Researchers are developing role-playing computer games to help stimulate social interaction, increase work performance, overall happiness, and just fun overall.

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison are developing Crystals of Kaydor, a role-playing video game about aliens.

Crystals of Kaydor is a game where you are stuck on this planet, and are trying to recover all your lost equipment with aliens that do not speak your language.  Learning facial recognition is key to the game, and it is something that adults even have a hard time understanding.

Teaching these children how to understand facial recognition is an extremely important skill to obtain because it increases social skills needed for the “real world”.

This generation of children already spend most of their days using these video devices whether it be iPhones or Xboxes, so if researchers change the content of the material both kids and parents can be satisfied.

Because video games are extremely interactive, it is so easy to have educational material be the subject matter.  Future careers also will be more technologically based, so it is extremely beneficial to have these children learn how to work these new technological devices.


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