Technology in schools in increasing nationally

Children all across the United States have seen education grants within their communities.  As a result, many children in grades K-12 can now experience the benefits of technology every single day.

With these grants all around the country, elementary school children can now have one-on-one time with iPads and computers.  Because the technological learning curve is so great, it is extremely important for children to be constantly using these items.

Charter high schools now have the ability to have each student rent a laptop for the year, regardless of their financial background.

This has decreased the manual workload of teachers therefor creating more personal time with students.  This one-on-one time has statistically increased grades in schools all across the country.

This is also a relief for students how cannot afford an at-home computer.  The readiness of these laptops makes it easier for these students to complete their assignments without as much worry.

For educators, items such as electronic gradebooks also make the physical workload easier.  With the decrease in workload, it allows more instruction for students.

The increase in LCD projectors also makes it faster and easier for teachers to provide knowledge to their students on a much larger scale.

With the popularity of YouTube videos and Google maps it is easier for children to visually understand the world and the way it works and looks like.

Because these projectors can be linked to the teacher’s computer, websites like Discovery Earth can be accessed and displayed to their students.

Music teachers have also benefitted from the increase of music technology.  One’s iPhone can hook up to any stereo system making it easier than ever to provide music for a class.

There are also millions of apps that also can aid to learning such as apps for music, writing, math, reading, and design for creativity.  All of these apps make it more fun for students to learn and easier for teachers to provide material to their students.

These new systems also allow for students to be more creative because of its included features.  Apple products are known for their advanced design applications, so why not introduce these programs to younger students?

Because the technology curve is so vast, it is so important to expose the youngest generation to the newest available technology.


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