B.Y.O.T (bring your own technology)

Virtually every student across the country is hooked to their iPhones, iPads, laptops, and other technological devices.  Almost every teen is wired to their technology, and now schools are acknowledging this.

Many schools across the United States are letting students bring their own technology to class.  Because of the “there’s an app for that” mentality, many teachers are using education applications during class time.

Some wonder whether this is displaying a productive use of class time, while others think it is a great way to assimilate modern day technology during school hours.

Those who oppose say it’s mainly because it proses a “quick fix” to many school district’s budgets.  This also does not have a tangible result in improving test scores.  However, this could open many doors for students and their learning environment.

Almost every technology device in this day and age has Internet capabilities, and because many students already own these devices many schools want to utilize them in the classroom.

Teacher’s lesson plans can be downloaded online and transferred to student’s devices that they have brought from home.  Students are also becoming better and better at typing.  This can increase the pace of lessons so more material can be taught at a time.

The amount of apps that have education material is increasing every single day.  There are apps such as “Factor Samurai” were one swipes there finger across a touch screen to “slice” factorable numbers in half.  Applications such as these can make learning more interactive so students can stay more alert during lessons during the school year.

Having students bring their own technology is also the way of what is to come in the future.   Because of the increasing number of students who own internet-capable devices, teachers need to understand the importance of having them in a classroom setting.


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