K-12 schools fall behind in technology

Even though there is a huge increase of technology in schools, many schools across the country have yet to “catch-up” to their potential.


It is a matter of cause and effect concept.  To be able to have the newest technology software, schools need up to date devices.  So those schools that have not updated their computer labs in the past decade will not have the technology to support the latest software.


Also, if schools also not have a fast Internet connection, then that can also not provide support for the latest edtech software.  If students cannot access the latest software, then they are falling behind.


We live in such a connected world thanks to technology and it is a huge setback if the youngest generation does not get that opportunity.  If they fall behind now, it will become significantly harder and harder to have them catch up.


There are many ways to prevent this from happening.  For starters, schools can update their Internet connection.  This is much cheaper than buying brand new computers and software.  Schools often use technology grants to purchase those devices anyway, so obtaining better Internet is an easy fix.


The importance of having the youngest generation prepared for the future is so important for other advances to be able to take place.


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