Technology for schools

School shootings have become the headline to the majority of news networks around the country from the Sandy Hook shooting to the Sparks Middle School shooting that occurred in Nevada last week.


As a result, many schools have discussed what precautions, if any; they should take in their elementary, middle, and high schools.


Panic Buttons

Since school shootings such as Columbine, many high schools have installed “panic buttons” in their classrooms.   When a student or teacher presses the button, the school’s main offices are notified of a disturbance and send help immediately.  Some buttons are wired to the school’s security cameras, and when activated notify police to immediately be able to see the situation through the cameras.


Security Cameras

With the increase of technology, it has become more affordable for schools to install cameras in there buildings.  This is useful not only for potential violence but for instances such as vandalism and petty theft.  This is also a very common device that can promote the safety of school districts.


Armed Guards

Many schools have discussed having armed police officers present at schools.  Pro: he or she has a license to carry this weapon so he or she knows the significance of carrying a firearm.  Con: I personally think it is a little much to have an armed guard in an elementary school.


We have the technology to be safer in our schools.  We should utilize this technology and help the children not ever have to fear going to school.


The other issue at hand is promoting the importance to telling something how you feel.  There is a horrible stigma in the United States about being embarrassed or ashamed to have a mental illness.  If schools taught that it is fine to feel sad or scared, maybe there will be a decrease of violence.  Schools should also do there part and teach how firearms are a serious thing.


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