Frozen (2013)

When I first started hearing about Frozen, I really had no intentions to see the movie.  Then I saw that it had surpassed Hunger Games: Catching Fireso I thought that it would be worth seeing.

First off, this Broadway star-studded cast was unbelievable with the acting and vocals.  I will admit this was definitely produced to be seen more as a musical than a movie, but I thought that it had done an excellent job of casting actors including Idina Menzel (famous for her lead role in Wicked), Kristen Bell, Josh Gad (famous for his lead role in Book of Mormon), Jonathan Groff (famous for his lead in Spring Awakening), and Santino Fontana  (currently on Broadway playing Prince Charming in Roger and Hammerstein’s Cinderella).  

The plot was also very well thought out and not a typical Disney princess movie, which was extremely refreshing.  Josh Gad was also hilarious as the talking snowman Olaf.  Gad provided perfect comedic relief to the parents who got dragged to see an animation film instead of American Hustle.

The music is catching, not annoying, and were sung beautifully seeing as how half of the leads have been nominated for an American Tony Award.   It is a perfect soundtrack to play in the car with the kids.

Overall, the movie is cute, adorable and helps put people into the “winter spirit” just in time for the holidays.  It is perfect for the kids and is completely appropriate.

3.5 out of 5 stars


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