The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion


I stumbled upon this book while at a my favorite local bookshop in Houston, Texas (Blue Willow Bookshop).  The owner ranted and raved about it so I thought, “why not?”.

Don Tillman is a professor of genetics at a university in Australia.  Everything in his life is scheduled down to the second whether it be the amount of time he showers to the amount allocated to traveling to in from work.   He realizes one day that he needs to settle down with a wife therefore starting “The Wife Project” where partakers must fill out a fifty question survey and pass a series of tests.

Don isn’t good with social skills on account for his acute case of Asperger syndrome, so the questions ranged from blunt statements to extremely personal information.  Shockingly as these surveys would drive away potential love interests, Don was starting to give up.

Then Rosie comes into his life and forever changes his perspective on almost everything.  Rosie goes to Don because of his connections with the DNA lab at the university to search for her biological father therefore starting “The Father Project”.

The voice is so perfect and you can not help but find yourself thinking as Don does in everyday situation and realizes how social skills are such a key factor in society.  Simsion does a great job overall with the writing that I found myself reading half the book in one sitting.

This quirky story is hilarious and a quick, easy read perfect for traveling.

Contains some language and adult content, but nothing too crude. 


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