Still Missing by Chevy Stevens

This book has been collecting dust on my bookshelf, so while I am at home during the holidays I thought “why not read a fiction thriller during the ‘Best Time of the Year'”.  It was the best/worst decision of the week.

Still MissingNEW

Annie O’Sullivan writes to her therapist about what many people find the most terrible thing to go through: being abducted and held captive for a year.  Annie, a local realtor, has an open house when a smiley man approaches her and asks for a tour of the house.  He then grabs her, throws her into his van, and injects her a medication that makes her pass out.  Annie then wakes up in the middle of an essentially “child-proof” cabin that had every drawer and door locked.

Annie writes in horrific detail about what all happened to her while captured, but the most interesting part is when the audience starts to figure out why she was captured.

Chevy Stevens could have made the main character very helpless, but she chose to give Annie some sass and boldness which really helped shape the novel.  Stevens’ writing will have you continually turning the page until the mystery is solved.

I kept saying “This is so messed up” while reading this novel, so there is some strong, violent content that is for mature audiences.  



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