The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)


Stock broker Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) becomes one of the richest man on Wall Street, with the illegal help of many of his cronies, during the late 1980s.  This crazy story which is based off of true events, is essentially what a stereotypical fraternity would look like if they illegally sold stock.

Director Martin Scorsese is notorious to have incredibly long movies that can often become painful after the first two hours (cough cough The Aviator cough), but this film never really had a slow moment which is incredibly given that it has a running time of 180 minutes.  Scorsese helped capture the blood-thirsty tone that is often associated in Wall Street especially during the 1980s; this movie was very much like American Psycho, without the mass murdering.  Jonah Hill also proved to be able to provide comedic relief, similar to his role in Moneyballto a more serious role by performing as Belfort’s right hand man.

There was a ton of sexual content that included full frontal nudity, f-bombs, and crazy, extensive drug use right within the first fifteen minutes.  It was extremely surprising how none of the characters overdosed in the entire film.  Scorsese truly did not hold anything back, and it is evident by the amount of mature content.  The film was also a lot more humorous than originally expected.  DiCaprio and Hill were a perfect duo in all of the comedy scenes in the movie.

Award season is just around the corner, and there is no way that The Wolf of Wall Street will be excluded from numerous awards from the technically and acting aspects.  There was a lot of well-deserved hype for this film, and is definitely worth seeing.  The subject matter is also very intriguing and luckily there was a book before the movie.

Overall, this is yet another excellent film by Scorsese and will have a ton of nominations in the coming awards season. After the trailer went viral last summer, many people were extremely hyped to see this film, and they had every reason for it. DiCaprio did a spectacular job, as always, and his performance made me interested into researching more about his character.  It was surprisingly funny, and was a rather quick-paced-three-hour-movie (if that can even exist).

Again, this film content extreme mature content because of sexual content, drug use, language, and some brief violence.  This is not the movie to take your visiting Nana or your kid cousin.  

4 out of 5 stars

Director: Martin Scorsese



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