Magic in the Moonlight (2014)


Stanley (Colin Firth) is a magician during the forties who specializes in pulling the wool over his audiences’ eyes.  He goes to a friend’s mansion off the coast of France to de-bunk a young psychic, Sophie (Emma Stone).  After a series of magic and mystery, true love is found between both characters.

Woody Allen movies are like Christmas presents from weird family members (or whatever holiday you choose to celebrate, we are very inclusive here at Annie and the Adventures), they come every year whether you actually want it or not.

Magic in the Moonlight is a good representation of that.  It had that bizarre, light magical feel that all Woody Allen movies seems to have, but I think it would have been a better on-stage play than a film.  It had the same time setting with the same title sequence font and same use of a “jazz horn” soundtrack.  There is consistency in his films which can be great, but it is now starting to become too repetitive.

Now, I love Colin Firth with all my heart and all my soul, but I thought that this wasn’t his best performance.   I also had the same feelings with Emma Stone.  Both had roles that were very different than their other films.

Maybe I didn’t like Magic in the Moonlight as much as I expected to because I’m still in L-O-V-E LOVE with Midnight in Paris. But as far as movies go, Magic in the Moonlight is a still worth seeing especially because it will almost certainly be nominated for a couple academy awards this winter.

All in all, it was a very whimsical film that was a great addition to my day.  I just wish that there would be a lot more variety in Allen’s films, but then again he wouldn’t be Woody Allen without all of his specific trademarks.

4 out of 5 stars.


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