Why I hate scary movies

Halloween is arguably the best holiday of the year.  You get to dress up as whatever you want (unless it’s racist, cultural appropriating or sexist…) and get free candy from strangers.  What’s not to like about that?!  It’s the time of the year where there is an increase of “sexy” inanimate object and puny costumes, all of which I live for.

But there is something about Halloween culture that I do not understand:  scary movies.

Maybe it’s because I had a frightening (God I’m so puny) haunted house experience when I have five.  Sidenote:  y’all it was awful.  My only memories from that day is walking in all happy with my dad and being carried out while sobbing on my dad’s shoulder.  It was terrible. But anyway, yes this could have something to do with a) why I am frightened easily and now have a “fight” instead of “flight” instinct and b) why I already hated scary movies.

There are fantastic scary movies out there like Silence of the Lambs, Rosemary’s Baby, and many others, but a lot of scary movies have now gone down the path of bloody gore that often have women as their victims.

There is even a stereotype of who gets killed first in a horror film: the black guy, the funny guy, the smart hero protecting the girl, and then the hot girl in the end.  WHYYYY?? To me this speaks volumes about our culture.

It is also so graphic about the torture of a women in film, yet movies like Blue is the Warmest Color have higher ratings than horror films who depict women being tortured on screen.  Again, this speaks volumes about our culture.  Why is it ok to show an attractive women in pain than to show a sex scene?

So other than the fact that horror movies scare the crap out of me, films are making money off of torturing women.


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