It’s football championship season…

It’s about as American as apple pie and baseball.  Every Friday through Monday, you can guarantee that someone you know is watching a football game.  In honor of Mizzou (GO TIGERS! M-I-Z S-E-C!!!) going to the SEC Championship, I have made a list of my favorite football movies.

1.  The Blind Side


Bring your tissues for this one folks. Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron) is a homeless teen who has been drifting in and out of the school system until Leigh Anne Tuohy (Sandra Bullock) takes him into her home. With the help of the Tuohy family, a devoted tutor and a football team, Oher un-taps his potentially and later becomes the first round pick for the NFL draft. I mean this is as heart warming as it gets. It’s a classic story about how to never give up and to work hard to achieve your goals. This true story teaches the audience how every person deserves an opportunity. Also, Bullock won the Academy Award for Best Actress for this so that’s also worth seeing.

2. Remember the Titans

Will Patton And Denzel Washington In 'Remember The Titans'

This is a movie that every person needs to see during their childhood, and again when they are older. Coach Herman Boone (Denzel Washington) becomes the new coach for a newly integrated high school in Virginia during the early 70s. This true story has so many complexities from race relations to team loyalty that is perfect to introduce to all audiences. There are also current movie stars such as Ryan Gosling, Hayden Panettiere and Kate Bosworth making their early acting appearances. And that catchy song will be stuck in your head for the rest of the month.

3. We Are Marshall


The Marshall University football team takes a flight to an away game.  The plane crashes and tragically kills everyone on the flight: Football players, coaches and boosters. Jack Lengyel (Matthew McConaughey) decides to become their new coach and tries to rebuild the town and the grieving community. This is sad and depending on what kind of person you are this movie and release the “ugly cry” that is deep inside you. But, it’s also extremely moving and incredibly inspiring. There are also familiar faces such as Matthew Fox, January Jones and Kate Mara.

4. Rudy


All Rudy (Sean Astin) wanted to do was play football for Notre Dame, even though he did not have the grades nor the size to do it. With the help from his tutor and friend D-Bob (Jon Favreau), Rudy was able to get into Notre Dame. The next challenge: Fight his way to get on the team. After watching this movie, you will chant “RUDY! RUDY! RUDY! RUDY!” for a solid month. This is a great movie to show to people of all ages. It’s a fantastic movie about overcoming adversity to pursue your dreams.


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