Why you should watch Black Mirror

Cause there is no better time to watch a TV series from start to finish than during finals week.

Black Mirror is a British original TV series that is a Twilight Zone-esk series with three stand alone episodes in a season.  Each episode is set in the near-future and focuses on how technology mildly ruins us socially.

Now I know what some of y’all are thinking: “what is annie and the adventures doing talking about a TV show? I thought this was exclusively a movie/film blog.”  Yeah I know, but y’all, it’s just THAT good.  These episodes are phenomenal and extremely compelling.

One episode is about how there is a device that can be implemented in your temple and records your memories that you can playback at anytime.  The episode then follows a couple that becomes ruined by this technology.  At the end, I kind of sat there with tears rolling down my face and just said “oh my god.  That was compelling.”  It is an episode that I still think about randomly all the time.  To me that speaks volumes about a series.

The first episode is really weird.  Like super-dooper strange that you can skip if you really wanted to.  However, I loved “Fifteen Million Merits”, “The Entire History of You” and “Be Right Back”.

Both seasons are on Netflix.  Get ready to watch all of them by the end of the week.


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