Annie’s Carry On Essentials

So as I sit here at my airport gate, I thought about how much crap people take in their carry ons. I totally guilty on this to, but I think that people don’t know what exactly they need in their bags. So here is my airport carry on essentials.


Fuzzy Socks
Honest to God, you will thank me later for this. This is my favorite thing to do when I hit the seventh or ninth hour of my flight. Taking your shoes off and put some super soft, fuzzy socks is the bomb. That and you can still walk around the plane and not have to put your shoes back on. Extra points if you get the ones with Aloe in them. The. Best. You can snag these at Walmart or Target, and if you really want to be a little fancy, Bed Bath and Beyond.

A Pen
Basic I know yet everyone around you is always asking for a pen or pencil when those custom forms are being handed out. Also, if you are the kind of person to have a written travel journal or sudoku on the flight, it’s an added bonus. It’s always the little things that always seem to be forgotten when packing.

Language Dictionary
This one in particular has all the major languages of Europe, which is incredibly helpful because I’m traveling to five different countries. I’ll always important to at least TRY to speak the language, even if it’s just pointing at the word.

Wet Wipes
A blessing in a packet. This is perfect to wipe random gunk that is always acquired during public transportation. It’s great to just wipe your face during a long flight to just be a little more refreshed. These are great and a staple in my bags.

Need I say more?

I personally always get a headache when flying for long periods of time. This can also help with sore muscles from a long flight.

There is always a crying baby on your flight. Always. No one is invincible and gets around it. So invest in nose-canceling headphones and write me a thank you note later.

Smart Device With Respected Chargers
You can download Podcasts (Serial anyone?!), books, movies, games, the whole nine yards. And while you’re ignoring the three screaming, crying babies, you can get some culture in you.

Shoutout to those who wear makeup. Repeat after me: I will never check anything of value or that can break on my flight. This includes makeup, especially for those who truly invest in their beauty routines. Nothing is sadder than a broken eyeshadow that you just bought at Sephora.

Weather Specific Clothing
Whether (HA no pun intended) that is an umbrella, gloves, sunglasses, etc. You don’t want to be that idiot that did not bring an umbrella to the UK.


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