Day One: London

This has been one of the longest days of my life. To put this in perspective for my friends in the States, it’s 7 p.m. here in London and it’s about 1 p.m. in the Central time zone and we have been awake since our 6 p.m. Chicago flight on the 27th. Anyway, all of us (my mom, sister, and I) are exhausted from walking all over the city because we landed in London 8 a.m. London time.


But 10 hours later, we finally made it! Don’t worry Kate Middleton, the Rice girls have arrived and only thought that we lost our suitcases, phones, and keys in the first hour of being in the country. Typical…


We decided to rent a flat for the week in Notting Hill, which is near a tube station (look at me getting the lingo down) and near a bunch of shops. We took the tube to the Spitalfieds Market mainly because Portobello Road Market was closed today and it was only a couple stops away. This was such a cute market where I snagged a cute pearl necklace (for only £10, what a deal!!) and sister got some clothes. This market had a great assortment of handmade everything: Leather goods, jewelry, clothing, etc, and was located by other more well-known shops.


It’s my mission this week to have as much London street food as possible, so I started this by having a lamb kabob wrap. Guys, it was phenomenal and even though I got half the sauce on my jacket I was on cloud nine.


We then had to get a coffee pick-me-up at a corner shop because apparently a ton of stores and shops are closed on Sunday in London; who knew? Mom suggested that we go on a Harry Potter walking tour, so to the tube and off we went.


The walking tour was about two hours, which was hurting Allison and I at the bitter end, and we walked through the City of London and saw locations that inspired scenes in the movie and other film scenes. It was fun to see places like the original Leaky Cauldron location and a walk by London Bridge and the Millennial Bridge.


So Day 1= huge success. Considering that we have collectively been awake for what feels like three days, we made it till the end of the day with already a good start to the city. Also, Allison and I decided that in our next life we want to come back as a London pigeon.

RIGHT?!?!? He was barely able to actually take flight, by the way.


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