Day Three

Everyday for breakfast I have had a chocolate croissant with orange juice, and if that isn’t enough of a reason to visit Europe I don’t know what is. Mix that and a slow-going morning and you can fit well with the Rice family.


We took a series of tube stations only to find out that the line we wanted to go on to see Harrods was closed. Bummer. But no need to fear, we were near Buckingham Palace so we decided, “why not?” We missed the changing of the guard (because typical Rice family move), but got there early enough to miss the huge crowds.


It was kind of underwhelming to be honest. The guards were in their winter grey (or gray depending on which country you are reading this from) instead of their red, so that was mildly disappointing. Yet if there is a will, there is a selfie out of it so Allison and I made due.


We walked around the circle for a bit and it was cool to stop and think about all the thousands of people who came out here for the Royal Wedding and the famous kiss on the balcony. Pretty cool stuff. We waved down a cab and went to Fortnum and Mason.


Holy cow, this place is huge. I mean like five floors of expensive, department store goodies. You walk in and are completely overwhelmed by all of the stuff and people constantly swirling around the store. We went to the top floor and made our way down to the tea floor. Everything was so expensive even though half of it was half off for what felt like the City of London’s end of the year sale.


For all my American peeps across the pond, this is a tea shop that has been open since 1707. This is the tea shop where the Royal Family gets their tea. Yeah, pretty cool, right? You can get almost anything here: Wine, fresh fruit, men’s socks, ornaments, a vintage Chanel bag, coffee, biscuits (cookies), etc. I saw the Christening Blend made for Prince George’s baptism and thought “you are coming home with me.” I also got a macaroon because what the hey?!


We got lunch at Pret a Manger because at this point it’s part of the daily routine, then made our way towards Oxford Circus. Along the way is a 5th Avenue/Rodeo Drive-esk street with the most expensive shops in the world like Cartier, Mikimoto, Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen, etc. Mom and Allison love to window shop so we casually walked down the street and saw all of the expensive diamonds, pearls and emeralds in the window.


Bougie indeed. The further we moved towards Oxford Circus the more and more people were there. It was insane, and granted this is mainly because of all of the year-end sales at the five H&Ms, Top Shop, and Liberty London, but still. It was cool to go to Liberty London because it is one of the oldest shops in that district. However, my feet were dead, so I was a little less thrilled about the shopping and more excited about a place to sit.



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