Day Five

After the Bike Adventure of 2015, the Rice family did not leave the flat until at least 12:30 p.m. We were all tired to say the least.


Today was the Tate Modern day, so we went to grab a late lunch at the Southbank Centre, which is almost right next to the London Eye. No, we did not go on the Eye, but we did get a ton of street food around that area.


Since I am the only one out of the Rice girls who can eat gluten, I decided to get Dutch pancakes with Nutella sauce and powdered sugar. This is dying meal worthy, guys. They are little petite pancakes slapped with Nutella. The people at the stand were also super friendly, which only made the experience that much better.


There were also a bunch of different food, drink and accessory stands on this strip by the Thames. Every two stands had mulled wine, and one stand said that the doughnut place stacks two doughnuts on ice cream with chocolate sauce that hardens. Allison and I were not bold or hungry enough to try it, but if you are ever in that area please do it for one of us.


I grabbed some street food for lunch while Mom, Allison and Graham went to an Italian-esk restaurant called Strada. Mom and Allison said they got the best meal on the trip there. There mashed potatoes (or “mashed” here) was awesome and was really well seasoned. The place was super packed so service was not as good as it could have been, but great food.


Allie didn’t feel well so she took a cab home while Graham, Mom and I went to the Tate Modern. To be honest, it wasn’t nearly as good as I thought it would be. The main floor was the best part, but there wasn’t as much stuff on the upper floors. This might be because we didn’t want to buy tickets to the main exhibits and the fact that we were super wiped-out from all the walking. There were some Picasso paintings so that made it a little bit more worth it.


The rest of the night was us all trying to figure out how to work British washing machines and packing for tomorrow. Mom and Allison are going back to the States while I stay here for a couple extra days before going to Prague.


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