Day Six

Ta-ta to Mom and Allison as they fly back to the States. I moved from the flat to my new hotel room until I fly to Prague, and no joke my hotel room is the size of a hallway.


I could barely fit my suitcase through the room, that’s how small we are talking about. It was like the building mis-measured the floor and realized that there was a little sliver of space and thought “challenged accepted.” It is in a nice location and has a nice bathroom, so I can’t complain too much. The hotel is close to a lot of museums in Kensington, so today was dedicated to that.


Thank God that London paints these phrases at almost every crossing or else I would have definitely been hit by a car by now. This is also what helped us all not get killed in the Bike Adventure of 2015.


The Victoria and Albert Museum is definitely my favorite museum in London. Each exhibit has interactive stations where you can take a quiz on what year the object was made or what it does. This is so great because it makes the museum more exciting and not so dry. The museum is also modeled by the time period of each exhibit like if you were looking at French 18th Century furniture, the ceiling and floors mimicked that. It better set you in the time period that you were looking at.


There is also an exhibit called Disobedient Objects that is about political and social protests throughout the 20th Century. I knew about some of the protests, but it was nice to find the origin of certain movements like the Pink Triangle coalition. It had an interactive wall where anyone could write anything they wanted like “pro choice”, “meat is murder”, and “free Pakistan” and other messages like that.


I then moved on to stand an hour in line for the Natural History Museum. The sneakiest part about it was the line started at the bottom of the entrance’s staircase so you just thought “oh I just have to make it around the corner.” Well, turns out that they wrap the line around the gardens THEN up the staircase. Very, very sneaky.


After an hour, I walked into the museum and saw the dinosaur skeletons. I then bought a ticket to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year, which was amazing and worth standing in that line for. The coolest part was the 17 years old and younger section of that exhibit. I was both envious and frustrated at the talent that these kids possessed. An 8-year-old boy won the kid’s division, but that photo could equally be competed with the adults. An 8 year old. But, only go if you pinky promise me to early in the morning to miss the outrageous line.


So, I met this British guy Tom at school and found out that he is from London. I told him that I was planning on going during Christmas break, and he said to message him when I’m here. So I did! We grabbed coffee (or a cuppa as he called it) and talked about America, London, school and other topics. It was awesome to see a familiar face and get some caffeine; both were very much needed. Thanks for the chat, Tom!


Later, I grabbed a burger and fries at this place called The Diner in memory of my mom and sister, who are hopefully back home with the pug by now. The Diner also had these amazing hard milkshakes with all these different types of liqueur. Definitely try if you have the time!


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