Days Eight through Ten-Prague

Fear not Adventurers (yeah I know, I’m working on it), I have not abandoned y’all: Prague just doesn’t believe in continuous free WiFi. My hotel room seems to only have WiFi at 3 a.m. and for only 30 seconds. It has been a struggle for all. Hold on to your hats because this is going to be a long post.


But anyway, yes I am in Prague. The winter wonderland of Prague. Not going to lie, at first I was a little underwhelmed by this former Communism, Czech city, but I have warmed up to it after all. (Naturally before I leave for Paris.)


I flew from London to Prague on Sunday and met up with my group. Because of this long post, I’m being very blasé about this experience but it was frightening to go a city where I have clue about the language, to an airport without any WiFi (see intro paragraph), try to find my school group who is in another terminal (which I only found out halfway through a panicked scan of my screenshot emails) and my luggage missing for 20 minutes. But luck was on my side because I found the group right as they landed. Truly hashtag blessed.


We got to our hotel around 4ish and for those in the States that means sundown. Because it was late and my poor school group spent the past 48 hours flying and landing and flying and landing, we took it easy. Prague is known for their beer and Czech people are super proud of this. As they should. Pilsner is the main one that you can get literally anywhere. I saw people ordering them at McDonalds that’s how much Czechs love their beer. Definitely a must have if you ever come here. It’s also super cheap (like a dollar for a pint), which is a huge plus. To put it in perspective: My water was more expensive than the beer here. Water falls free from the sky for god’s sake.

This is some weird statue that Czech people made to mildly make fun of the Christians around the 18th Century. It’s a man riding a dead horse by the way.

The next day we visited a strategic communication firm and Charles University. This was of course after we got lost about ten times. The most used phrases so far has been “Look WiFi!” and “Where the BLEEP are we?!”


Czechs drink all day. I mean like beer all throughout the day, so the bar scene was super fun. Old American music from the 70s through 90s is strangely popular here. Our first bar was called Ice Bar, which was a bar completely made from ice: glasses, couches, etc. They gave you a warm parka and 30 minutes to go inside. Very touristy, but super fun. Our other favorite bar was James Dean. It plays all old music and their napkins have his signature on it. We always had fun and met a ton of people from all over the world.


Prague has only about a million people in it, so it’s pretty quiet compared to London, New York or Miami. I always felt pretty safe in the city even in the bars and streets at night. The older Czechs don’t really like Americans, but everyone our age was super nice and friendly.





The second day was our free day, so it was mainly spent trying to see everything in Prague. We went to the monastery, Prague Castle, Lennon Wall and the Astrological Clock. If you are planning to go to Prague, definitely go to the monastery and castle. The wall and clock can be done really quickly. The cathedral in the castle was stunning. The detail work in the mirrors, the doors and steeple is unreal.


There are a bunch of tombs or dead royalty and saints there as well. Kind of cool. Kind of creepy. Either way, definitely worth seeing. We bought a ticket that allowed us to five locations in the palace. Side note: bring your student ID overseas!!!! A ton of museums in Europe offer student discounts at museums with your university ID. We at lunch at this cool local restaurant at the bottom of the hill of the castle.

Czech food can be summarized in one word: Dense. It’s really good, but just super rich. Lots of meat and potatoes kind of thing. I have loved every meal, but feel so stuffed at the end of it.


So if you are still reading this, gold star for you. Thanks a lot for your time.

Anyway, Prague is a great city to have as an extension of your trip. For instance, if you are going to Germany you can easy do everything in Prague in three days. It’s a super cheap city with great beer culture and tons of history. The castle was awesome, but can easily be done in one afternoon. It is a lot more efficient to do Prague in a couple days rather than a week.

Food is really rich and really meaty, so Vegans, vegetarians, etc. beware. The majority of the food is potato based so all the gluten-free people can come here without a problem.

A lot people speak English, so it was easy to get around and ask for help. As always, you get a lot farther with a smile when you travel and that completely applies to Prague. Hold doors open for people, give up your seat at the train station, people here really appreciated that and were more willing to help us out.

Prague is super small and I was able to walk to all the major places in one afternoon. Transportation is super cheap, except be careful with cabs they tend to rip you off. But all in all, I really liked the city.


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