Day Eleven and Twelve

Bonjour from Paris! The City of Love, and now known as the city of Je Suis Charlie. Weirdly enough a group of journalism students we Paris bound the morning of the Charlie Hebdo shooting. It’s a very weird parallel.


But Paris as a whole has been pretty calm about this. I mean don’t get me wrong, there are signs everywhere with the Je Suis Charlie logo. It is obvious that this is the biggest events to happen to France is recent history. Yet, the city still functions on. Our group has not really been effected by the shooting. It is both a strange and exciting time to be in Paris.


After a tour with a university here, we went to Notre Dame. It was a windy, rainy day so all of us where mainly busy trying to buy umbrellas and hats to help with the weather. The inside was massive. I mean it just kept going and going, and it was so dark because of the weather so it was very gothic. I lit a couple candles for my family and started to make our way to the Louvre.


The Louvre is huge. It has three floors and spreads for several blocks. It is separated by country rather than time period because that’s how much art is in it.


But just go to the museum just to see the Mona Lisa. Everything else is way too overwhelming and repetitive. If you like that 17th and early century art, then by all means go. I like more modern stuff, so this wasn’t my cup of tea. Also, the Mona Lisa is really crowded and filled with people with iPads taking no joke 50 photos. If you skip it, I won’t tell anyone.


Now the d’Orsay is the best museum in Paris. It has all of Monet, van Gogh and other impressionist work. I mean I was giddy when I saw all of Monet’s work. D’Orsay used to be a train station so it is very open and has a really cool, artistic vibe. They don’t allow photos so know what you want to take a picture of and make it sneaky; they will yell at you very loudly in french. Don’t leave Paris without doing this.


Before the Eiffel Tower, we went to Cafe Constant. It was a little cafe that one of our chaperon’s read about in a bunch of guide books and it was phenomenal. The wait staff is so nice and we had an amazing meal. I think I had a religious experience with my dessert.


After we toured a TV station, we went to the Eiffel Tower. It is so much bigger than I imagined. Definitely a wonderful section of the city. Someone got a text from their mom that there was a hostage situation in the city so we left the tower to go to a cafe to get WiFi and try to figure some stuff out.


If there is Paris in a photo, I think it would be this one. We got some wine and half of us went to the lock bridge and half went to the Arc de Triomphe Etoile.


Massive. Just unreal. It is also in the fashion section of Paris, so it was cool to walk by the YSL offices and the Louis Vuitton store. So far, Paris is really starting to grow on me.


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