The Final Stop: Rome (Days Nineteen through Twenty-One)


So Rome is amazing and everyone needs to spend at least a week there at some point in their lives. Before I went on this trip, people told me that Rome is a walking museum and it truly is.


The weather is beautiful, the food is to die for, the wine is cheaper than water and all the leather goods are just fan-freaking-tastic. I could go on and on and on about this city. Now I could never live here, but I would love to spend a month in a villa with a bottle of wine and a fat plate of pasta. Dream big, right?!


Our group pretty much spent the first two days in the Vatican learning literally everything there probably is to know about it. Places like St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel were unbelievable. There is so much symbolism in the smallest country in the world.


However, all of us had three back-to-back two hour walking tours so we were all pretty much done with the Vatican. And the worst part was that the Pope wasn’t even there!


The Pantheon was my favorite area. It was surrounded by bunch of local shops, fountains and street performers. At night they had some guitarists while people drank coffee in little restaurants.


Best cappuccino in the world was at this shop by the Pantheon called Sant Eustachio. It was £3 for two cappuccinos. Perfection. All my money either went to food or leather goods. We also were in Italy when they were having their post-Christmas sales where stuff was at least 50 percent off. But every five people in the city are trying to sell a selfie stick. I mean like every seven seconds someone would come up to me and say “Selfie? Selfie?” If I hear that word again, I might scream.


But the best landmark is definitely the Coliseum. Pictures do not do it justice. When you start to think about how many people built it, watched gladiators and toured it, it just becomes unreal.

Now, after a couple days of hell-ish travel and still waiting for my suitcase, I am back state side and already miss Europe. After touring all of the cities, I definitely want to live abroad in Europe and hopefully London. My two favorite cities so far were London and Rome, but for two different reasons. London is an actual, semi-tangible place for me to live while Rome is the dream place to live. That and I think I could only do Rome for a couple months.

Anyway, if you are still reading thanks. And if you have been reading this series since the beginning, thank you even more! Adventure is out there!


One thought on “The Final Stop: Rome (Days Nineteen through Twenty-One)

  1. This adventure is over. It is wonderful to read how excited you are about the next adventure in your life. I am looking forward to reading about all your future adventures.

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