Mary Anne Golon

Hearing her at the her master class about editing reiterated how much I look up to her. I mean, the obvious is the fact that she A) worked for TIME, B) worked at TIME during 9/11 and Katrina, C) TOLD NEW YORK TIMES “NO” and D) Now is Director of Photography for the Washington Post.

I loved hearing about how she realized how important the 9/11 addition was to her and how she felt so passionate about going through the edit again and making sure it was the proper way to tell the story. This easily translated to her visual leadership and innovation with the Washington Post.

She showed a truly brilliant of Hurricane Katrina and the 10-year followup. As a person who has family in New Orleans, it was an edit that was represented. But it also was a visually successful edit that had such a rich narrative.

That and I always love seeing a strong woman who is a strong visual leader and widely respected within the industry.

Oh…and can we talk about how she is bffs with Pulitzer Prize winner James Nachtwey, who she casually called “Jim” in her lecture?? I mean….