Work in Progress

I went out with Marianne to shoot her digging for her daughter in Ivy Bend, Missouri. It is a town known as “meth haven” to locals and a place just above the Ozarks. It was a cloudy day and we drove from her house to her daughter’s alleged murder site. I have heard Angie’s story a million times, but there was a definite change in feeling we pulled up to the house.

Marianne also talked the whole way there about the creepy people living near the property and how we were trespassing. I was a little on edge and was trying to focus on the work and try to get the best footage available. I had Marianne mic-ed up the entire time so the audio should be good. However, the video came out different than what I imagined. I haven’t sat down yet to edit it through, but I just know that it’s different. Part of that is because I had it in my head what I wanted it to look like and the other was that I was so involved with my surroundings that it was hard to get exactly and cinematically in my head.

But it always changes when in the editing room, so when I build a callouss to this experience I can finally go and see exactly what I have and what I need to move forward.


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