Final Work in Progress

I gathered the audio that I need for the story before break. I then spent the majority of break trying to piece together clips and some basic sequencing. Because of the subject matter, it has been very difficult to go back and listen to Marianne’s letter. The audio is good, but I am having a hard time sticking the images with it.

All of my b-roll is of the day that Marianne went for a dig. I have car footage, digging footage, and her looking around. The issue during filming was that Marianne would just constantly talk. It was hard to film her because she was always talking. However, I think the footage from that event are substantial enough, I’m just having a hard time placing them into the video and make it cohesive.


I also have audio and footage of her before we went on the dig describing what we were about to do. I can use that in the intro–> show images of her daughter –> start letter with images of her digging.

I feel like I have a good story and it have enough, but it’s just a matter of what it is the editing section.