The Endless Search

Whelp. It is finally done. After months of filming, weeks of editing and pacing my house, it is done. Finished. Completed.

This was a very difficult process. Even though I have known Marianne for a year, it has been emotionally hard to listen to Angie’s story and how Marianne lives her life as a result. I thought I was better prepared because I have heard their story before, but naturally it was still hard to film and listen.

I was really dragging my heels about having this project be a video. I have done video in the past and I really wanted to work on photo stories. But, I think this story could not have been told the same way with the same level of emotional impact in stills.

I think the letter is what sells the piece. The viewer really needs to hear Marianne’s voice to understand the full emotion of her life. Marianne’s life has truly changed because of these unfortunate circumstances. She now has a nonprofit helping missing people around the state as well as dedicating her life to trying to find her daughter.

For a couple weeks, I had the footage on my hard drive. I couldn’t edit it. I didn’t feel ready to sit down and actually cut the footage together. Once I got the audio track, I felt that it was elevated from what it was to my head to an actually project.

Over break, I started cutting the audio and video. I did a very rough cut, but it was a huge step within the process because I previously couldn’t look at the work.

I finished then a second cut and was starting to show it to people to get their opinions. I learned that I really value a second pair of eyes for my video work. There just sadly isn’t a lot of video people around here. I was getting the same “no it’s so great! No critiques!” and there is just no way that I made it perfect in one go.

I reached out to a friend and former co-worker Tim Nwachukwu, who currently works at Clarkson Creative in Denver, Colorado. We have previously worked together on my “Lost at Home” video, so Tim knows about my editing process and what critiques that I really need to hear. I sent him the first cut of this video and he gave me an in-depth critique about what to fix. It was so refreshing and exactly what I needed. His help was what created the polished product.